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WPC Gazebo & Pavilion

The perfect material for gazebos and pavilion is WPC hollow wood. Our lightweight parts replace heavy steel frames or wood that require regular maintenance and painting to avoid deterioration due to weather or corrosion. The wooden appearance of WPC profiles requires almost no maintenance, and the natural wood beauty is retained in terraces and garden pergola, cantilever features, parking lots, and buildings.

The WPC decking look like wood but the performance is far more superior thank wood as it with high density, water & termites & decay resistant. Furthermore, it could be easily cut, drill screwed. Optimal structural design and appropriate accessories, we also provide flexible design proposals.

Item No.NameDimension(mm)Project area(mm)
1American Style Square Pavilion2000*2000*30003500*3500
2American Style Square Pavilion2500*2500*32004000*4000
3American Style Square Pavilion3000*3000*32004500*4500
4American Style Square Pavilion3500*3500*32005000*5000
5American Style Square Pavilion4000*4000*32005500*5500
6American Style Hexagonal Pavilion1800*1800*32002500*2500
6Chinese Style Hexagonal Pavilion1800*1800*32002500*2500