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White composite decking boards

I believe that not many people use white composite decking in their lives, because it is easy to show dirt, and it is usually easy to take care of. After using it for a long time, it will wear out very badly, but it is not ruled out that some people like this retro feeling. Therefore, the more suitable home decoration styles are country and Nordic style. The decoration of the white decking looks beautiful and atmospheric, and will make the whole look more spacious and clean, not depressing; white is also a versatile color, if the overall color is white, then the decorations used can be used Embellishment with other colors will give the whole effect a sense of elegance, romance, warmth and simplicity, and of course there is also a sense of fashion.

Matching colors for white floor

The general principle of outdoor color matching is from top to bottom, from light to dark. Therefore, if white is used as the main color of the entire decoration design, other matching colors must be similar colors.

Especially if a white floor is used, you should choose a white composite cladding or any light color. This is the rule of “adjacent colors”, which can create a very warm feeling. It will cause the sensory effect that the wall color is heavy and the floor color is light.

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