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Composite joists and decking installation guide

Make sure that the base is flat and stable. Decking boards must not be laid directly on the ground but should be fixed to joists of a suitable supporting substructure. We typically recommend a simple concrete base and our own WPC joists. The decking and joist will expand length ways so make sure there is an expansion area at each side of around 5mm. The decking should slope at around 5mm per meter towards a drainage area to allow water to drain easily. Butt joints should be supported by two lengths of joist, one for each composite decking board.

1. Lay joists 30cm apart to create a substructure for the composite decking.

2. Screw the starter fasteners into each joist We recommend pre-drilling holes to prevent the joists from cracking

3. Slide the first decking board up to the starter fasteners and secure with hidden fasteners on the opposite side. Apply a fastener to each supporting joist. We recommend pre-drilling holes to prevent the joists from cracking.

4. Fit the next board by sliding it onto the hidden fasteners used to secure the previous board and fit another set of hidden fasteners to secure the opposite side of the board, again use one fastener for each supporting joist. Repeat until the second to last board

5. Add starter fasteners to the end of the joists where the last board will comfortably fit. Leave space for the second to last board and add the end board.

6. Add the final (second to the end) board.

7. Slie hidden fasteners between the decking gap and align with each joist

8. Screw the fasteners Into the Joists to secure the last two decking boards in place. The decking should now be finished. Add fascia boards or corner trims for a mare Impressive look!