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Black composite decking-boards

Although The black WPC decking is not as beautiful as bright colored floors, it is mysterious, noble, deep, and quiet, and it has a place in the mainstream world. Why is black so popular? Perhaps it is related to these reasons…

1. All-match style

You may subconsciously think that the matching of black decking is not simple. In fact, whether it is a high-cold or simple Nordic style home decoration, black-based decking can be easily dealt with.

2, extended visual effects

The color closer to nature makes the space more stretchable. If you think the color is too dull, you can use bright furniture to embellish it, the whole style becomes soft and light.

3, dirt-resistant

Light-colored decking is not resistant to dirt. As black decking, the advantages are highlighted. One is that it does not show dust, and the other is that dark stains are not obvious, which can better ensure the cleanliness of the home.

4. Personality

Now the younger generation especially likes industrial style, and the black floor as a symbol of industrial style is particularly important. Even if the home is not decorated in an industrial style, the black wooden floor can highlight your personality.

Make Different Colors Of WPC Decking

The black WPC decking is made of natural wood fiber and environmentally friendly polymer, and is extruded by thermoplastic high pressure. We can also make composite decking in different colors according to your requirements. The wood fiber inside the composite decking can achieve a natural wood grain effect. At the same time, the added polymer greatly improves the stability and durability. The support frame at the bottom of the deck is made of stainless steel, with a hidden design and easy installation.

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